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Six months ago today was the launch of the KickStarter campaign that set this project into motion.... I cannot say ENOUGH good things about KickStarter....! - How AMAZING it is that I've been able to master the files, produce the artwork, make the initial offering of merchandise, and press CDs, all WITHOUT the help/aid of my VISA card...!

THANK YOU KickStarter, and THANK YOU to the wonderful folks that contributed to the initial offering, and who have made 'the ride' thus far possible...!

I continue to work on the performance techniques for this music, in hopes of booking a first few shows in early autumn of this year. - It's a bit of an uphill climb, as I not only have to find venues with grand pianos in them, but also must find them where the proprietor(s) are willing to allow me to 1.) install my piano pick-up into their instrument, and 2.) then allow me to touch, strike, strum, and otherwise manipulate the INSIDE of their treasured instrument. - Wish me luck!!

Also... if you've managed to read this far, and you're not already following me on twitter and/or facebook, PLEASE do... - twitter = 'insidethepiano, FB = 'inside the piano'. Be well, good peoples. :)


 "whirling world, to which I tenuously cling, with fingernails whitened... can you please spin a bit slower?"

The cd is in the early stages of production... and I STILL might hold it up for another 2 days, for reasons too complicated to list here. But the artwork is done (well, I see a proof tomorrow, if all things remain on schedule), thanks to MATT CZAPANKIY, my amazing art-director friend... And the ISRC codes have been acquired and embedded, and the metadata has been embedded, and all of the crazy things that go into releasing music 'into the wild' these days have been taken care of (at least for the electronic and physical versions of the music).

My head is filled with the un-ending "list of things to do", including completing 'phase one' of this website, preparing the 'web store' for an official opening within the week, writing an update for the kickstarter backers, cleaning up my 'official facebook presence', making phone calls, eating breakfast, wood-stove fuel management, piano practicing (returning to work on a piano/laptop version of Ravel's "Bolero"...)... the list does seem to go on and on and on...

But how exciting it is to be entering this new phase of this project... 'marketing' it, promoting it, distributing it, performing it... It's been a fun experience recording it, and I anticipate even more adventures as this project moves forward.

MUST eat some breakfast now, on this fine late-Sunday morning....